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Set and Service Resources

SASR's nationwide network of Retail Service industry customers are constantly on the lookout for professional, dependable workers who can service manufacturing and retail clients. Our job is to match workers like you with opportunities where your specialty is needed. Our only demands are that you have experience in the jobs you perform and that your work is completed correctly - in a timely and professional manner.

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posted about 7 years ago

Job Description

Set and Services Resources is currently recruiting for Reset Merchandisers to complete a remodel project. You will be working with a crew in a team environment building gondolas, assembling various store fixtures and moving heavy store fixtures. You will also be stocking product on shelves per planogram description, tagging and putting together/installing signs and POP materials. The pace will be fast in order to get the project completed on time. The supervisor of the job has the discretion to ask individuals unable to perform to the standards needed to stay on schedule to be removed and replaced.

The morning shift will be unloading heavy fixtures from truck for the first couple of days. You must be able to lift and carry these fixtures for the majority of the day; 50 lbs plus.

***DO NOT APPLY if you are unable to stand on your feet or stoop and bend for long periods of time***

-Job Number: 2702-134500-2
-Location: Ft. Thomas, AZ 85536
-Start Date: 12/17/13
-# of Days: 2
-Start Time: 08:00 AM
-Estimated Daily Hours: 9
-Pay: $10.00 (taxable) + possible mileage pay (non-taxable) .
* We hire all of our workers as W-2 employees and do not use 1099 workers.

- Retail merchandising reset/remodel experience
- Ability to read and set a planogram
- Knowledge of (Lozier) fixture placement, movement, and adjustment is a PLUS
- Ability to work well in a team setting

- Some highly physical activities including the ability to disassemble and build shelving and display units.
- Regularly required to stand or sit, reach, bend, lift and move about the retail store.
- Long periods of standing and walking.
- Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. plus

Please BRING BASIC TOOLS to the job with you, especially a rubber mallet to use when setting the Gondola shelving. (Basic tools = Tape Measure, Hammer, Screwdrivers, Box Cutter, Black sharpie marker, Pencil, etc.)